Hannah Lester - Candidate for Mid Norfolk

About Me

I have lived in Norfolk for most of my life, the only significant time spent away being to study Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol. 

Born in Scarning, she went to schools in Toftwood and Dereham and after returning from Bristol studied law for a year at UEA. I am now training to be a solicitor and will qualify with a local firm. 

Why I joined the Green Party 

Living in Bristol in January 2015, I joined the Green Party as part of the "Green Surge". Four months later at the General Election the party there had more than quadrupled their vote share and were now the second party. I had faith that another future was possible. 

The biggest pull towards the Green Party for me was that their entire approach to politics was different. Every single one of our policies is put forward by ordinary members and voted on at Conference. This means that issues that actually matter to people become policy, not just what the leadership decide behind closed doors. 

The Green Party are the only party that are standing up for what matters when every other government in my lifetime has let me down. I was part of the first cohort to pay £9,000 a year in tuition fees, the prospect of owning my own home seems like wishful thinking and the idea that the NHS might not exist for the whole of my lifetime is a real possibility.


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