Greens ask for your support to stand in Mid Norfolk

18 March 2015

Your help is needed to give the people of Mid Norfolk the chance to vote for a Green candidate in the 2015 General Election.

The Green Party don't have the same level of financial backing that the other parties have, so we really need to work hard to raise the money required to stand MPs all over the UK.

We need to raise £500 to stand in Mid Norfolk and if we raise more we will be able to do further publicity. The  £300 target will contribute to the candidate registration, and if we are fortunate enough to beat our target and get up to the stretch target, we will not have to dig quite as far into local party funds which can then be used on promotion and advertising for the General Election and for our Local Election campaigns.

In return for your generosity we can offer our heartfelt gratitude of course, and for those able to make a larger gift, there are some small tokens of our thanks to be earned.

We need to raise our candidate deposit

The fee to stand as an MP is £500 per constituency - apparently this is to deter those who are not serious, but in reality it favours the privileged, and disciminates against those from less prosperous backgrounds. With your help, we might just stand a chance.

Brighton Pavilion has Caroline Lucas MP - we are hopeful that Lesley Grahame will be elected nearby in Norwich South, and we anticipate next May representing the Green Party's strongest vote to date.  This is backed up by independent pollsters, who have been frequently placing the Green Party ahead of the Liberal Democrats in nationwide polls. In order to build our profile as a serious electoral force we need to stand in as many constituencies as possible, so that people can hear what we've got to say! We're committed to standing in 75% of constituencies, and we'd like Mid Norfolk to be part of that commitment.

We need to fund publicity

The Green Party don't get the same level of coverage as other smaller parties - perhaps because we don't subscribe to the points of view that many big corporations and media companies want us to. We're different, and proudly so! But there is clearly an apetite for the alternative we offer, which has shown itself as our membership figures have recently surpassed that of both UKIP and the Lib Dems.

With your help we can really make a difference. If the recent Euro elections are anything to go by, WITH YOUR SUPPORT we can really raise our profile and make a difference to the national campaign!


Please donate now to our crowdfunding campaign at


**If you plan to donate £50 or more please ensure you are on the electoral register - this is a requirement when donating over £50 to party funds during an election campaign. You must also be wiling to provide your contact details and address**