Hannah's Priorities for Mid Norfolk

At the last election, the Green Party did better than ever before, receiving over one million votes. In 2017 our priority is to keep up this momentum and stand in elections to give people the chance to vote for what they believe in.  

Mid Norfolk Priorities: 

  • Invest in public transport so that it offers a viable alternative to driving, in terms of both cost and ease
  • Ensure that adult social care is adequate to meet the needs of everyone who uses the service. Telling carers that they must be in and out of the home within 20 minutes is not acceptable 
  • Protect the NHS so that it remains free at the point of use. There are already too few doctors in the area, there is absolutely no room for more to leave the service due to stress and inadequate funding to actually do their job
  • Increase the minimum wage to £10 / hour so that people are paid fairly and in line with rising living costs
  • Oppose inappropriate largescale development, whilst encouraging modest schemes that improve, rather than detract from, the character of our villages and towns 

For Green Party national priorities please visit the Green Party Website and also the News section of this website where I will be blogging about what a Green government would look and feel like.